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About Iran Hormone Company

The history of Iran Hormone Company dates back to 1964 when Iran Organon established its branch and started its operation in a modest setting in Tehran. In 1981, its new ownership changed the companys name to Iran Hormone.

From that time Iran Hormone has grown considerably, it also becomes the premier company specializing in ethical products in the fields of Sexual hormones, Thyroid Gland's effective drugs, Anti Cancer drugs, Contortionists,Anti Diabetics and Cardiovascular drugs, Muscle-relaxant,Contraceptives and Vitamins. The various dosage forms include tablets coated,tablets, and aqueous and non-aqueous injections.

Iran Hormones Quality Control Laboratory is one of the first to be recognized as a Reference Laboratory by the Iranian MOH ; therefore, it performs its bio-equivalency studies in house with assistance from Medical University of Tehran. Currently, Iran Hormone is linked with major medical schools and engineering departments such as Beheshti University, also it benefits from international consultants in Europe and North America.

The high quality of the products has allowed Iran Hormone to Export its products in many countries. The pursuit of excellence in research, products development, quality control and assurance has been the hallmarks of management team at Iran Hormone enabling it to serve the community and nation. Iran Hormone is entering a new age for its development hoping to enhance the production capacity revitalizing its R&D dept., educating its personnel and enlarging the list of its new products to strive in the increasingly global market place of goods and ideas.

Iran hormone also has got many valid certificates, for instance, EPA and ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management and Quality Reputation from the Food and Drug Administration.

It should be noted that the nominal capacity of plant's pharmaceutical products are as follows:

1 - Water injection products         45 million

2 - Oily injection products            30 million

3 – Various tablets                      1.4 billion

4 - Coated tablets                       200 million